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James Crypto Guru

The Laws
of Money

Discover the power of money with JamesCG to create a life of abundance

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James Crypto Guru

Welcome to my world of entrepreneurship and abundance!

Get a preview of what to expect by watching our dynamic course trailer. Feel the energy and passion James Crypto Guru brings to each lesson.
James is an 18-year industry veteran with a diverse background in business and investing.

A multi-millionaire with unequaled knowledge of the cryptocurrency and stock markets who is semi-retired.

He is a well-known YouTube analyst and lecturer who has a track record of correctly predicting daily Bitcoin prices.


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Before the course

Limited Mindset

Struggling with a habit of saving every dollar, leading to a scarcity mindset.

Unrealized Dreams

Constantly dreaming and wishing, yet trapped in a cycle of financial stagnation.

Risk Aversion

Hesitation to take financial risks, missing out on significant opportunities.

Limited Belief

Doubting the existence of amazing opportunities, leading to a lack of exploration and growth.


Hesitating to engage with successful individuals, limiting personal and financial grow

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After the course

Abundance Mindset

Transition from saving out of fear to spending and investing with confidence and purpose. Emphasis on shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, enabling more significant financial decisions.

Realizing Dreams

Turning dreams into actionable goals, leading to tangible achievements and success.

Risk Aversion

Hesitation to take financial risks, missing out on significant opportunities.

Networking with Success

Engaging with successful individuals, gaining insights, and expanding your financial horizons.

Strategic Wealth Management

Participants will learn to transition from saving out of fear to confidently making investments and spending wisely. You'll learn effective strategies for managing and increasing wealth.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

The course offers insights into leading and growing successful companies.

Networking and Influence

The course highlights the importance of engaging with successful individuals and expanding financial and personal growth networks.


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Who This Course Is For

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Individuals looking to start and grow their own businesses and want to get access to the main secret of success.

Cryptocurrency & Stock Enthusiasts

Those interested in investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, but want to start it right.

Personal Development Seekers

People aiming to improve their financial mindset and personal growth.

Wealth Management Professionals

Those in finance seeking advanced wealth management and investment strategies.


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Light package


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Medium package


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+ Advanced Trading Tool: Gain access to the powerful CG trading bot equipped with Buy/Sell indicators, enhancing your trading strategy.

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+ Personalized Guidance: A 15-minute one-on-one call with James, providing personalized advice and insights.

+ Exclusive Group Sessions: Participate in two group Mastermind ZOOM sessions led by James, offering a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

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Who is James?

James Crypto Guru
Top-rated YouTube analyst whose content provides people with tips and tricks on how to become successful and profitable traders.
With over 6,000+students worldwide, James Crypto Guru Academy is the Premier Educational Platform for Crypto Enthusiasts.
International Speaker

James is a versatile industry veteran with 18 years of business and investing expertise. As a semi-retired multi-millionaire, his impeccable knowledge, analysis, and predictions of the crypto and stock markets set him apart. He has a remarkable track record in daily Bitcoin price prediction on YouTube, making him a trusted professional in the field. Join James for valuable insights and stay ahead of the market trends.

James Crypto GuruJames Crypto Guru
James Crypto GuruJames Crypto GuruJames Crypto GuruJames Crypto Guru
James Crypto GuruJames Crypto Guru

Lesson Topics Covered by James

Explore the Key Subjects and Insights James Discusses

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The Law of Wealth

Insights into James's crypto and tech journey and key money lessons.

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The Law of Creation

Cultivating a mindset of abundance and endless possibilities.

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The Law of mastery

Utilizing money as a tool for growth and wealth accumulation.

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The Law of investments

James' Philosophy of investing in crypto and stocks.

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The Law of entrepreneurship

Ways of setting and achieving entrepreneurship goals.

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The Law of momentum

Combining positive thinking with actionable steps for success.

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The Law of Kronos

Understanding the critical relationship between time and money

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The Law of fortress

Protecting and preserving your financial capital.

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The Law of multiplication

Strategies for growing and multiplying wealth.

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The Law of abundance

Embracing the concept of abundance in life.

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The Law of action

The importance of taking action to realize your goals.

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